The Mindaya Mission

At Mindaya, we believe that

EVERYONE deserves to live their best life!

We believe in providing the best information regarding mental health and personal development so that you can live a life that you love!

Not everyone can afford mental health services, which is why we donate 10% of all our profits to charities that help provide free mental health services to those in need.

If you are in a crisis call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Other helplines can be found here

Mental Health is more than Mental Health

Say what?!

After years of experience dealing with anxiety, low-self esteem, an unfulfilling life path, I realized that my mental wellness was so much more than mental health.

A large portion of mental health is overcoming negative thinking patterns, practising mindfulness, and going to therapy and taking medication if you need it.

BUT it’s about taking care of your physical health, your dreams, nurturing your spirit, realizing your confidence and power, and so much more!

That’s why we also focus on personal development as part of a holistic approach to managing your anxiety.

Get started here! 

The Magic of Personal Development

Personal development was an integral part of overcoming my anxiety

There are so many aspects to your personal development, it’s hard to lay it all out here. What I will say is that starting your personal development journey will help give you the confidence, tools, and mental resilience you need to conquer your anxiety and then conquer the world! 

It’s all connected. Managing your mental health will help make space for your personal development goals. Personal development will help you manage anxiety.

A great place to get started is by trying the anxiety book above and also checking out this dream life goal planner below.